Critters in Your Chimney?

Protect Your Chimney Long Island

Critters in Your Chimney?

As the weather warms up and your chimney does not get as much use, it becomes an inviting time for small birds and other pesky critters to build nests and make their homes in your chimney! Without

Protect Your Chimney Long Island

 the risk of smoke and soot to drive them away, small animals often take up residence inside your chimney!

In addition to birds, squirrels, raccoons and other small animals may make nests in your chimney to give birth and care for their babies. These nests are often made of leaves, twigs and debris that can clog your chimney and cause dangerous fumes to build up in your home especially if you light a fire in your fireplace. If you forget to close the flue of your fireplace, these small animals may even get into your home!

There are steps that you can take however, to prevent any animals from entering your chimney.

How to Protect Your Chimney from Unwanted Critters:

Install a Chimney Cap

Installing a simple chimney cap with mesh siding will prevent these animals from climbing in. In addition to keeping animals out a chimney cap can also protect your chimney from moisture from snow or rain as well as protect your home from any burning embers that could start a house fire.

Keep the Flue Closed

It is important to keep the flue to your fireplace closed any time that you are not lighting a fire. The flue creates a seal that will not allow any animals or debris into your fireplace and your home.

Schedule a Chimney Inspection and Maintenance Service at Least Once a Year

Protect Your Chimney vs Critters Long Island

During the inspection, any unwanted animals or nests that are found can be safely removed and your chimney can be properly cleaned to ensure that it functions safely and effectively. Pro-Tech Chimney Sweeps offer complete chimney cleaning services that include high powered vacuuming of your entire system, removing hazardous or combustible creosote, eliminating any accumulation of soot from coal and oil systems and thorough fire prevention inspections and maintenance services.

If you do detect the presence of any small animals in your chimney, do not attempt to remove them yourself. The ASPCA recommends that you hire an experienced professional to have the animal humanely removed from your chimney. The experienced staff at Pro-Tech Chimney Sweeps can safely remove any unwanted animals or critters from your chimney. They can also remove any nest or animal debris and install a chimney cap to prevent any animals from entering your chimney in the future.

If you are interested in a quality chimney cap installation or routine chimney cleaning and maintenance services, contact the experts at Pro-Tech Chimney Sweeps at 631-806-8550 or 516-284-1295.

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