Keep Your Chimney Clear of Tree Branches and Debris


Keep Your Chimney Clear of Tree Branches and Debris

Keep Your Chimney Clear of Tree Branches and Debris 1Keep Your Chimney Clear of Tree Branches and Debris

Overgrown trees can damage roofs, block chimneys, disrupt power lines or even allow a passageway for animals and insects to enter your home. A tree limb that overhangs your home in the winter months can become dangerous when it is covered with heavy snow. Often these frozen limbs can snap and damage power lines, roofs, or even break windows! If your chimney is blocked by a tree branch or debris that has fallen into your chimney, it can create numerous problems and also be dangerous. Common problems that can be caused by overgrown tree limbs that hang over your home may include:

Chimney Blockages
A chimney blockage can create a dangerous situation in your home. An overgrown tree branch may block the top of your chimney, preventing smoke and carcinogens from exiting the house. Smoke and gases that build up within the home can produce carbon monoxide. This deadly and odorless gas can accumulate to dangerous levels when a blocked chimney or flue prevents the gases from properly venting out and away from the home. If small twigs, branches or leaves fall into the chimney, this debris can fall directly into the flue, creating a risk of fire or blocking the flue as well, causing smoke and gas to back up into your home.

Chimney Damage
A falling branch or tree limb may damage your chimney causing cracks in the structure or bricks to fall off or decay. A damaged chimney will not properly vent smoke and gas which can also cause carbon monoxide to build up within your home. In addition to harboring harmful gases, a damaged chimney can be costly to repair.

Animal Entry
Trees that hang over your roof or the chimney can give small animals like squirrels and raccoons direct access to your chimney. In the spring or summer, overgrown and rotted tree limbs may carry swarms of insects that can get into your home. Trimming branches and limbs away from the chimney – as well as the rest of the roof, can make it more difficult for animals to gain access to the chimney. If you install a chimney cap – this can also help keep animals out of your chimney structure.

Drafting Issues
Limbs or trees that are too close to the chimney can cause drafting issues and problems with your fireplace. The chimney needs to be able to draw in enough air to properly feed the fire and draft smoke and gas out. If limbs are too close to the chimney – the air cannot circulate properly.
The best way to protect your chimney and your home is to trim or prune any branches that are too close to your home or hanging over your roof or chimney. It is a wise choice to remove any overgrown trees or tree limbs and branches before they become dangerous or cause problems to your chimney and home. Keep your home and family safe with well pruned trees around your home.

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