Maintenance Tips for Your Gas Fireplace

Maintenence Tips For Your Gas Fireplace

Maintenance Tips for Your Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces are a convenient and much cleaner way to enjoy a warm fire in your home during the cold winter months. You don’t need to worry about wood or any mess and the beautiful flames appear in the fireplace with the simple click of a switch or remote!

According to This Old, “There’s only one thing better than a roaring fire on a wintry night: a roaring fire that needs no tending, requires minimal cleanup, and doesn’t leave the rest of the house freezing cold. That’s what you get with today’s gas fireplaces.”

While these attractive appliances require very little maintenance, you should always make sure that your gas fireplace is working effectively and efficiently. Following are a few tips and troubleshooting suggestions that can help you address any concerns that you may have so that you can continue to enjoy your gas fireplace for years to come.


A gas fireplace should never produce soot. If soot has accumulated make sure that the fireplace is properly vented and make sure that the chimney is not obstructed by leaves, debris or the nest of an animal. Make sure the combustion screen is free and clear of soot and that the embers and logs are aligned according to instructions.

Pilot Light

The pilot light is the small flame that ignites the gas fireplace burner. If you have no flames in your fireplace, the pilot light may be off. First make sure that the gas valve on the fireplace is open and if it is not, switch it to the “on” position and then light the pilot according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Dirty or Cloudy Glass Doors

Sometimes the glass doors on gas fireplaces can develop a cloudy white appearance over time. This results in the fire becoming more difficult to see. There is no need to replace the glass. There are gas fireplace glass cleaners available. Use only these types of cleaners to effectively remove the calcium deposits on the glass. They also create a protective coating which helps to prevent future buildup.

Strange Odors

A gas fireplace should not produce smoke or odors, but its flames do create pollutants, such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen and sulfur oxides. Vented fireplaces send these emissions outside, however if you notice a smell there may be a cause. If the glass on the gas fireplace door is improperly sealed, the result could be that odors are released into your home. Sometimes objects placed around the fireplace on the floor or mantelpiece can cause odors when heated. If you think that this may be the possible cause, remove the objects one at a time to see if there is no longer an odor when one of them is removed. If you do smell raw gas however, (which can smell like sulfur) always be safe and call the fire department and your gas provider.

If you are still concerned with any issues regarding your gas fireplace, you should contact a chimney professional to ensure the safety of your home and your family. Pro-Tech Chimney Sweeps offer complete fireplace and chimney maintenance, cleaning and repair services. They can thoroughly inspect your fireplace and address any of your concerns.

Contact Protech Chimney Sweeps today at 631-806-8550 or 516-284-1295 to inspect your gas fireplace and ensure the safety of your home.

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