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Smithtown Chimney CleaningIf you are in need of a chimney cleaning for your Smithtown home, then get in touch with Pro-Tech Chimney Sweeps for all your chimney related needs. Pro-Tech are the professional chimney, fireplace and masonry specialists serving customers in Smithtown and all over Long Island. We can perform chimney cleaning and any related services that you may need for your chimney, woodstove or fireplace.
Don’t hesitate to call Pro-Tech Chimney for your chimney cleaning or fireplace repair needs. It is important to keep your chimney and fireplace clean to ensure that your Smithtown home is safe and hazard free.  We have over fifteen years of experience in the chimney cleaning industry and we are proud to be a family-owned and operated business.  Our Smithtown clients trust and depend on us and the chimney cleaning services that we provide.
Smithtown homeowners should always keep their fireplace and chimney clean. In addition to looking nice, this ensures the safety of your home. Pro-Tech can take care of any Smithtown chimney cleaning service that you need in your home. If you us e your fireplace often during the winter, it is a good decision to have your fireplace serviced in your Smithtown home before the start of the winter season. Pro-Tech Chimney Cleaning can help you with your chimney cleaning, repair services and fireplace maintenance in your Smithtown home or even in your Smithtown business.
We also offer many other services to our Smithtown customers including masonry rebuilding and repair, installation of stainless steel caps and animal guard installation.  We also offer a complete full 12-point inspection service as well as other repair services in addition to chimney cleaning services. If you need your chimney or fireplace inspected at your Smithtown home, we can take care of it.  We offer much more than chimney cleaning services to our Smithtown customers.
At times, Smithtown homeowners find that small animals such as birds or squirrels may get stuck in their chimneys. If that is the case, Pro-Tech Chimney Cleaning & Repairs can also perform humane and safe animal or nest removal.   Call us for any chimney related services that you may need for your Smithtown home or business.  If you have an emergency in the middle of the night, we also offer 24-hour emergency services to our Smithtown customers.
Pro-Tech offers chimney cleaning services as well as reliable and honest cleaning services for your Smithtown chimney, fireplace or wood stove. In addition to chimney cleaning, we can handle any other services that you may need at your Smithtown home and we can also perform all the necessary inspections.
We are fully-licensed and insured and we are proudly affiliated with the Cleaning Equipment Trade Associating (CETA). Call us today to schedule your Smithtown chimney cleaning, fireplace maintenance or cleaning services.  We always offer a free estimate before we perform any service.  Pro-Tech are the chimney sweeps that Smithtown customers prefer. 

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