Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Chimney

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Chimney

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Chimney

Spring Cleaning Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Chimney

After a harsh winter on Long Island that has lasted through the end of March, spring will hopefully be upon us soon! If you are ready to close up your fireplace for the season and head outside to your backyard fire pit, there a few things that you should take care of before you leave your fireplace and chimney behind.

Following are some recommendations for keeping your chimney clean and safe after the long winter and some tips to ensure it will be in great condition when the colder months of autumn roll around once again.
Inspect Your Chimney or Fireplace for Cracks or Damage

Cracks can cause venting problems and become a safety hazard. An annual inspection can detect any dangerous cracks or leaks and they can be addressed or repaired immediately.
Check for Animal Nests or Debris

In the cold winter months, small animals may have moved into your chimney. Animal nests or branches and leaves from trees can cause blockages. If detected, these items should be removed to eliminate the possibility of damage and possible carbon monoxide leakage.
Check for Creosite and Soot Build Up

Every time you use your fireplace a tar-like substance known as creosite is formed. Creosite is highly flammable and becomes more difficult and expensive to clean, the longer it builds up inside the lining of the chimney. Because it is highly combustible, if it builds up in sufficient quantities and the internal flue temperature is high enough, it may start a chimney fire.

Have Your Chimney Cleaned by a Professional
Routine maintenance services should include a complete chimney inspection as well as the removal of any hazardous or combustible creosite and eliminating any accumulation of soot, dirt and debris. Keep in mind that the National Fire Protection Association recommends that that you have your chimney cleaned and inspected at least once a year or even more frequently if you have a fireplace or wood burning appliance that you use frequently.

Remember that a chimney that is properly maintained and cleaned regularly – will work safely, effectively and efficiently. After the cold winter months, a chimney cleaning, inspection and maintenance appointment should be scheduled at the first sign of spring.
Pro-Tech Chimney Sweeps offer complete chimney cleaning services that include high powered vacuuming of your entire system, removing hazardous or combustible creosote, eliminating any accumulation of soot from coal and oil systems and thorough fire prevention inspections and maintenance services. Contact Protech Chimney Sweeps today at 631-806-8550 or 516-284-1295 to schedule a chimney cleaning service and ensure the safety of your home.

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