Tree Removal Service Long Island

Tree Removal Long IslandIf you are in need of any tree or tree limb removal services, Pro-Tech Chimney has a solid partnership with a reputable tree removal company that can assist you.
Overgrown trees can damage roofs, block chimneys, disrupt power lines or even cause insects to infest your home. A tree limb that overhangs your home in the winter months can become dangerous when it is covered with heavy snow.  Often these frozen limbs can snap and damage power lines, roofs, or even break windows! You certainly don’t want your chimney blocked by a tree branch during the winter; otherwise dangerous carcinogens may circulate inside your house.  And in the spring or summer, overgrown and rotted tree limbs may carry swarms of insects that can get into your home.
Make the wise choice to have these overgrown trees or tree limbs and branches removed before they become dangerous or cause problems to your home. Call us today and we can refer you to a reliable and experienced tree removal service that will help you with all of your tree removal needs.

Call us in Suffolk at 631-887-3180 or in Nassau at 516-284-1295 for a reliable and dependable referral for tree removal services for all of Long Island.


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